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We offer solutions from design or repair to new construction and renovations. Each project receives our highest levels of quality and service.


Residential Electrical Systems

Design & build
New Construction
Pools & Spas
Landscape Lighting


Commercial Electrical Systems

Rapid response
Design & Build
PLC controls
Motor controls
Production safety equipment


Generator Installation & Services

Generator installation
Generator maintenance
Maintenance contracts
Automatic standby
Whole home protection
Service on all major brands


Solar Photovoltaic Systems

We work with various partners to help you achieve your energy goals...
Our service includes Residential, Commercial , Solar Farms and more...

About Our Company

Who we are

A group of professional electricians and apprentices. We excel at electrical installation and energy management so our layouts, designs and installation work together to optimize the efficiency, flexibility, and sustainability of electrical systems for our client’s situation.

What we do

▪ Advocate for our customers –optimizing electrical efficiency, flexibility and sustainability for each customer’s unique needs, budget and environment.
▪ Dedicated to excellence – clean, fast, thorough
▪ Never risk safety –All work done to current NEC codes. This standard exceeds the current NY codes

Meet Our Team

Our team is your team. When you need the best people driving your vision forward we are there for you.

Ryan Hathaway

Ryan Hathaway


Ryan Hathaway has been involved in the Electrical business since the mid 1990's. He has worked as a Residential Electrical Forman, a service call Electrician, a Commercial/Industrial Forman and is currently a Briggs and Stratton Advanced Generator Technician. Ryan enjoys spending time with his family enjoying all of the great outdoor activities that the Adirondacks provide us with.

Stephen Estes

Stephen Estes


Stephen has almost 10 years of experience in the electrical field. He is a knowledgeable, hard working addition to the Hometown Crew. Stephen is also trained as a Briggs and Stratton generator technician. His pastime's revolve around the motorsports industries. In the summer he is riding his Harley Davidson and in the winter he is a snowmobile enthusiast.

Carson Blades

Carson Blades

Advanced Generator Tech

Carson is our Advanced Generator Service Technician. He attended the electrical trades program at CV-Tec and joined the Hometown crew for a work study program. From there he attended several factory training programs to become an Advanced Technician, the highest level of Briggs and Stratton's air cooled generator technician. Carson is an avid outdoorsman who has a strong passion for the Adirondack wilderness.

Brandon Dumas

Brandon Dumas

Residential Foreman

Brandon attended the Electrical Trades program at CV-Tec. He has worked in the electrical and manufacturing fields. Brandon is a family man who enjoys spending time with his wife and 2 young children.

Kurt Oehlbeck

Kurt Oehlbeck

Electrical Apprentice

Kurt has a degree in agricultural economics from the University of Florida. He played Div. 1a football for Georgia Southern University. Kurt enjoys farming and fitness in his pastime.

Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw


Kevin is the Building Trades career teacher at CV-Tec's Mineville campus. Kevin joins our team in the summer when school is on break. Kevin is into backcountry skiing, climbing and other outdoor recreation/sports.

Patrick Fair

Patrick Fair


Patrick joined us a work study while attending the Electrical Trades program at Cv-Tec. From there he worked as an apprentice before heading to the College of the Atlantic. He is currently studying electrical engineering with an emphasis on renewable energy.

Special Clients

We are proud of providing services for our local businesses and organizations. We appreciate your business!


Briggs And Stratton Generators

Hometown Electrical Systems LLC is a dealer for Briggs and Stratton. We also carry the Fortress line from Briggs and Stratton. These units come with an industry leading 10 year warranty on parts and labor.


PV Solar System Installation

Looking for solar electric power supply? We work with various partners to help you achieve your energy goals!


Frequently Asked Questions

When is it time to call an electrician?

When you are resetting circuit breakers or changing fuses too often. When you turn on your air conditioner and the lights dim in the room. When your lights flicker or go on and off. When you can smell electricity burning. When you have six electronic devices going into one outlet in back of your electronics center. When you have receptacle outlets overburdened by multi-plug strips. When a three-prong plug needs a two-prong adapter. If you have to run extension cords to plug in electrical devices.

What size electrical service system do I install in my home?

Most states call for 100 amps minimum, but with all the new electronic devices, air conditioning and electric heat it is suggested that 200 amps be installed. This also gives you some space for future additions. In most cases it involves replacing everything from the service loop (this is the wire that extends from the top of your meter to the utility tie in ) up to and including the main panel.

Which grade of electrical outlets should I have installed in my home?

There are three grades of outlet on the market. Homeowner grade, the cheapest, is the commonest type of outlet for installation in a builder-grade home. However, they are flimsy and tend to wear out in 5-10 years at the most. When you install or replace electrical outlets, go for commercial grade instead – these cost about 50 percent more than the cheaper kind, but the financial difference is insignificant and they will last 100 years under typical home use conditions. Hospital grade are very expensive, costing ten times the price of homeowner quality, and are really not necessary; they are designed for never-fail use in medical facilities, for example to power breathing machines.

What is a surge protector and should I get one?

Surges are created by lightning or from the local power station. Sometimes, a surge of electricity can flood out to the residents from the power station. A surge protector helps to protect your electrical devices from a power surge. Usually, surge protectors are used for electronic devices such as computers and flat screen televisions. If you appreciate your electronic devices and want them to perform efficiently without having to worry about replacing them, you may want to consider protecting your devices with a surge protector.

Do the generators have to be maintained?

Yes, simple maintenance is required. All generators require periodic oil and filter changes to ensure maximum performance for years of reliable service. Preventative maintenance kits are available however we offer service contracts for a worry-free ownership experience. With a service contract we:
Inspect and change Engine oil and filter as needed
Inspect air filter and replacement as needed.
Replace spark plugs once a year or as needed.
Check valves and adjust as needed.
Inspect the fuel system, battery, cables, belts, hoses, battery charging system, fluid levels
Inspect the transfer switch.
Check fuses, power connection, temperatures, and verify voltage
Adjust timers, Voltage and Hz if necessary
Simulate a power outage and verify generator operation
Observe and report condition of the generator
Clean the inside of the case
Wax the outside of the case

If you don’t have a service contract please refer to the owner’s manual for routine maintenance procedures and schedules.

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